• Caesar salad 1800 Ft

    Slices of grilled chicken breast, fresh salad, parmesan, crouton, tomato, caesar souce

  • Tuna Salad 1800 Ft

    Fresh salad, tomato, tune, corn, onion

  • Mozarella Salad 1800 Ft

    Mozzarella, grilled chicken, olive oil, fresh salad, tomato, olives, oregano, balsamic vinegar


  • Wild pork soup (5 dl) 1500 Ft

    Small (3 dl) served in a mug: 1200 Ft or served in bread 1500 Ft.

  • Chicken soup with liver dumplings (5 dl) 1100 Ft

    Small (3 dl) served in a mug: 800 Ft

  • Bean or classic goulash soup (5 dl) 1250 Ft

    Small (3 dl) served in a mug: 850 Ft.

  • Beef goulash (5 dl) 1500 Ft

    Small (3 dl) served in a mug (3 dl): 1200 Ft.

  • Hungarian fish soup (5 dl) 1500 Ft

    Small (3 dl) served in a mug: 1200 Ft

  • Cousommé (5 dl) 700 Ft

    Small (3 dl) served in a mug: 550 Ft.

  • Garlic cream soup in cobs (5 dl) 1100 Ft

  • Cold fruit soup with roasted almond (5 dl) 1300 Ft

    Small (3 dl) served in a mug: 900 Ft.

Salted Pancakes

  • Pancake in honey-mustard 1800 Ft

    Swiss cheese, grilled chicken breast with honey mustard dressing

  • Pancake in Greek style 1800 Ft

    Pancake suffed with feta cheese, grilled chicken breast, olives

  • Pancake with pork stew stuffing “Hortobágy” style 1800 Ft

    Classic dish of the Great Hungarian Plateau “Hortobágy”.

Ready Meals

  • Wild Pork Stew 2100 Ft

    Traditional Hungarian style, with thick sauce, and a touch of porcini from the surrounding woods.

  • Pork Stew 1500 Ft

    Classic dish which always feels good to eat. Delicious as a Hungarian grandma has cooked it.

  • Tripe Stew 1800 Ft

    For the Gourmet and stew lovers

  • Fried Dough of the ``Devil`` 2400 Ft

    Roasted meat with salad, wrapped in fried potato dough. Very local, very nice.


  • Grilled trout from The Valley ‘Szalajka’ 2100 Ft

    Fresh trout, just arrived from the nearby woods.

  • Grilled or breaded fat Catfish fillet 2400 Ft

    Available in Gluten free version as well.

  • Grilled salmon with bacon 3500 Ft

    Bacon makes it Hungarian.

  • Breaded fried calamary 1700 Ft

    Real goody of World cuisine

  • Roasted pirch fillet with gnocchi, spinach and baby carrot 3200 Ft

    Decent, elegant, round flavours.

  • Branzino with roasted vegetables 3200 Ft

    A sure choice

  • Catfish Stew in paprika sauce, with pasta, cottage cheese 2700 Ft

    One of the masterpiece of Hungarian cuisine.

  • Fish plate for one person 3300 Ft

    Grilled trout, deep fried catfish, deep fried calamari, fresh salad, steamed rice.

Side dishes are not included in the above prices!

Freshly prepared

Chicken based dishes

  • Chicken breast with creamy mushroom sauce 1900 Ft

    Based on secret recipe of the chef, complemented with wild mushrooms from the Bukk (Beech) mountain.

  • Chicken breast with tropical fruit 1900 Ft

    Cinnamon marinated chicken breast with tropical fruits, exciting exotic taste.

  • Breaded chicken breast with sesame seeds 1800 Ft

    Crunchy coating of black and white sesame seeds, a tasty and healthy combination.

  • Chicken breast fried or parisian stlye or roasted 1400 Ft

    We prepare the ultimate favorite of the Hungarian cuisine for you. The price of Roasted Chicken breast is 1500 Ft / dish.

  • Gyros Plate 1900 Ft

    Greek dish, slies of chicken breast, tomato, red onion, fresh salad, French fries, sauce.

  • Rose duck breast with cranberry sauce and potatoes 2800 Ft

    Juicy, tasty, exciting.

  • Chicken breast with green herbs, green asparagus, bacon. 2600 Ft

    Topped by ducth sauce and duchesse potato.

Pork based dishes

  • Roasted medallions rolled in bacon 2200 Ft

    Meat slices are pulled on a stick, we call it “robbers’ meat”, bacon and wild mushroom sauce make it special.

  • Hungarian fried pork medallions 2100 Ft

    One of the master pieces of Hungarian cuisine: served with smoked bacon, and tomato-onion-paprika sauce.

  • Medallions ala gipsy style 1500 Ft

    Gipsy style means pork medalions are served with bacon, in juicy, spicy (but not hot) sauce. Filling dish.

  • Breaded pork cutlet (Schnitzel) 1400 Ft

    Traditional dish of Sunday lunch in Hungary. Middle size thickness of meat, better than the once at home.

  • Pork medallions prepared in “Brasov” style with steak potato. 1900 Ft

    Homely, abundant, juicy. Very tasty.

  • Gordon Bleu 1700 Ft

    Deep fried pork, filled with ham and cheese.


  • Vegetarian plate 1800 Ft

    Deep fried mushrooms, cheese, and vegetables.

  • Grilled cheese plate 1800 Ft

    A selection of 4-5 type of grilled cheese.

  • Grilled vegetable plate 1600 Ft

    We grill the vegetable to a point so they stay deliciously crunchy.

  • Trappista cheese deep fried 1400 Ft

    Hungarian Classics, but we prepare it in a special way.

  • Deep fries: mushroom OR cauliflower OR onions 1400 Ft

    Choose your favorite deep fry and we prepare it for you.

  • Deep fried camembert cheese with blueberry sauce 1700 Ft

    Crunchy outside, melting inside, perfectly rouned by the blueberry sauce.

  • Mushroom heads filled with sheep cottage cheese, deep fried. 1700 Ft

    Delicious combination of flavours, highly recommended.

Prices do not include side dishes. Please select your preferred side dish from the Menu.

Prices contain the actual VAT. For half portion 70% of the price is calculated.

Wrapping costs 100 HUF.

Giant Plates

  • “Abundance” plate for 2 4800 Ft

    Gordon Bleu, deep fried cheese, roasted chicken breast, fried onion, rice, french fries.

  • Plate ala 'Valley of the Beautiful Women' for 2 5800 Ft

    Mushrooms filled with sheep cottage cheese, Gipsy medallions, grill sausage, deep fried chicken breast in breadcrumbs, steak fries, salad.

Side dishes – Salads

Side dishes

  • French Fries 650 Ft

  • Seasoned steak fries or Potato krokett 700 Ft

  • Steamed rice 600 Ft

  • Dumplings 600 Ft

  • Mixed garnish (rice, french fries) 650 Ft

  • Steamed vegetables 700 Ft

  • Grilled Vegetables 1000 Ft

  • Parsley Potato 700 Ft


  • Cabbage Salad 700 Ft

  • Leavened cucumber pickles 700 Ft

  • Apple pickles 700 Ft

  • Fresh Cucumber Salad 700 Ft

  • Cucumber pickles 700 Ft

  • Tomato salad 700 Ft

  • Fresh Salad 1000 Ft

  • Mixed Salad 900 Ft


Classic Hungarian Desserts

  • Steamed dumpling 1200 Ft

  • Masked chestnut with whipped cream 900 Ft

  • Chocolate Souflé with ice cream 1200 Ft

  • Sundea 1500 Ft

  • Creme Brulee 1200 Ft

Giant Pancakes

  • Pancake with Nutella & Banana 1200 Ft

  • Pancake with Curd & Peach 1200 Ft

  • Pancake ala ``Gundel`` - walnut filling with hot chocolate topping 1400 Ft

  • Pancake with Nutellás - Chocolate 1100 Ft

  • Pancake with Cocoa - Jam 900 Ft

  • Giant Pancakes in one flavor 800-1000 Ft

    Flavour selection: nutella, curd, cocoa, jam

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